poppy seed, sunflower and almond (PSA) peanut butter

poppy seed, sunflower and almond (PSA) peanut butter

This recipe is one my uncle came up with and the poppy seeds are an ingenious addition. Using store bought roasted salted peanuts also makes it incredibly easy but you can roast your own if you prefer.


4 cups raosted salted peanuts
1/2 cup almonds
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
5 pitted dates
1/2 cup poppy seeds
1-2 TBSPs vegetable oil (I used organic cold pressed sunflower) 

Additional Equipment

food processor


1. Place the almonds and sunflower seeds in a pan and lightly toast on medium heat until fragrant (5mins approx.).
2. Add the peanuts to the food processor and start blending. When you achieve a crumb like texture add the dates, almonds and sunflower seeds. Turn the processor back on and stream the oil into the mix through the top of the machine.
3. Blend until smooth, add the poppy seeds and pulse to fully combine.
4. Store in glass jars.