fruit salad (a rough recipe)

fruit salad (a rough recipe)

A large plate heaped with fresh fruit is an easily underestimated pleasure. This dish is an exceptional start to the day and it makes for a beautifully simple dessert that accounts for every dietary restriction. When you put this dish together make an effort to buy local and seasonal produce, the picture above was taken in winter when citrus and pome fruit is in abundance but stone or tropical fruit will make a real statement in summer. 

Serves 2 for breakfast and 3-4 for dessert


1 large pear grated
1 large apple grated
1 large banana cut into large diagonal slices
1 orange cut into segments
2 green kiwi fruits cut into segments
1/2 cup of coconut yoghurt or your choice of dairy free yoghurt
handful of frozen raspberries
1 passion fruit
small handful of edible flowers rosemary/lavender/violets/rose petals etc. (optional)


1. Start by grating your apple and pear. Grating the pome fruit diversifies the texture of the fruit salad it also allows the juices from these fruits to be released which creates a great base to the dish. If not serving immediately place the grated fruit in a sieve of colander and briefly rinse under cold water to prevent the fruit from browning, the addition of a little lemon juice will also do the trick. Arrange the grated apple and pear evenly on a plate.
2. Top the apple and pear with the orange, banana and kiwi fruit.
3. Drizzle the fruit with coconut yoghurt.
4. Scoop out the passionfruit and place in dollops around the plate. 
5. Crumble the frozen raspberries on top and finish with the flowers.