smoothie bowls (a rough recipe)

smoothie bowls (a rough recipe)

Turquoise coloured spirulina smoothie bowls are rapidly encroaching on acia's purple hued turf. Large bowls brimming with mounds of iced super foods have never been more popular but they can also be a little simpler than the jewelled images from instagram. 

Step 1

Chuck your fruit in the blender. A couple of frozen bananas and a handful of frozen berries are the textbook, add a few green leaves if you're feeling ambitious. 

Step 2 

Blend with a liquid; 1/4 - 1/2 cup of good old fashioned water! For an upgrade try coconut water, juice (preferably cold pressed and sugar free) or dairy free milk. Level up and include the juice of a lemon, a TBSP of melted coconut oil (add while blending to prevent the oil from solidifying) or a TBSP of nut butter.

Step 3 

Optional extras: dates, chia seeds, lsa, ground flax, spirulina, cacao powder or nibs, protein powder, cinnamon, vanilla etc.

Step 4 

Blend until smooth but thick like sorbet, add more liquid if you struggle to blend or if the mixture isn't thick enough add an extra handful of frozen fruit (ice works well too).

Step 5 


I like to keep it simple and top with fresh fruit, coconut yoghurt and chunky granola but the options are endless . . . try a dollop of blueberry chia jam, a drizzle of tahini and fresh bananas dusted with cinnamon or fresh slices of mango and papaya with scoops of passionfruit and toasted coconut flakes.